What’s Your Mark?

logoWouldn’t it be great to find someone who can help you create your unique message and style?

Someone who can translate that into a website that delivers your personal expression.

A web expert who really listens and cares about seeing you succeed.

A webmaster you can rely on to do what needs to be done, and to keep your website working beautifully.


We’ll work together to build a website that expresses your individual vision and style.

Rediscover the time, energy and sanity that let you do the magic that you do, and rely on me to do the rest.

Take advantage of my 19 years in web design.

I offer fair, affordable pricing and I treat your budget with respect.

I can tailor my services to what you need:

  • A whole new website
  • A website clean-up or “face lift”
  • Someone to manage your existing site
  • A webmaster to make it all happen
  • A consultant to provide assistance, as needed

With my diverse background in visual art, writing, publishing, counseling and computer programming, you will benefit from my broad spectrum of skills, experience and insight that I bring to your project.


I assess each project on an individual basis for cost and time. So, contact me and let’s talk about what I can do for you!

~ Wendy Guy